Radha Krishna Mandir was formed in 2007 by a group of individuals from Guyana and Trinidad who all had a vision to preserve Santana Dharma. (teachings and way of life)

The organization became incorporated in 2008, since then the members of Radha Krishna Mandir have worked tirelessly on making their dreams a realty by first obtaining a permanent home for worshiping at 220 Cherry Hill Rd, Monroe GA, and expanding Arts and Culture to the Hindu community in rural Georgia.
Radha Krishna Mandir Inc. is a federal non-profit 501© organization, register in the State of Georgia, with the purpose of:

  • To Promoting and propagate Hinduism.

  • To instill moral, religious and cultural values in the youths.

  • To teach Hindi, music, yoga, meditation and kathak dancing.

  • To help children with school assignment.

We follow the teachings of religious books – the Bhagwat Gita and Ramayana mainly and adhere to the ritualistic deity worshipping passed down from generation to generation with Hindi bhajans being sung, dholak, tabla, harmonium, dhantal and jaal being played in harmony to create a soothing and blissful atmosphere.
There is a religious leader or pandit who follows the doctrine of the religious text and preforms pooja and Satsang on Sundays and other special occasions.
We have also invited pandits from various other states for Yajnas. During summer camps are held for the children.
We have had a yearly Diwali celebration depicting traditional songs, dances, foods, clothing and acting from the Ramayana by the children and adults of RKM.
We also support the Hindu community at times of death.