Archived (2010)


Antakshari Win

Hey Everyone!

I would like to congratulate the kids on their win of Antakshari!! I was fortunate enough to visit the recently built Radha Krishna Mandir in Monroe County, and I'm glad that I volunteered as a judge for one of the rounds of the game.

I was amazed to see how many young children participated in the activity. I was also surprised to see many adults participating, as well. In my experience of mandir organized events, such as this one, the adults do not regularly take part. I think they don't participate either because they would rather support their kids, or because they feel that they have so much more experience in singing, that a competition like this would be a piece of cake.

However, this was not the case because a group of adults did take part, and it seemed that they would win easily. I even thought this would be true especially since both my Aunt Anita and my Uncle Turner were participating, and they are talented singers. People told me that Aunty Mala is really good, too. As I judged, the adults had the same competitive edge that the kids had. But despite their effort, the parents lost 2 out of 3 rounds to the kids. Even after all of their arguing over points, the parents were no match for the kids.

I enjoyed listening to everyone sing. As always, the adults sang old Hindi Hits of the 60's and 80's, while the kids sang the Bollywood Hits of today, like the popular song, "Just Chill Chill". But to give the impression that the kids only sang modern East-West Indian mixes would be untrue because they sang devotional bhajans, as well (singing more than the chorus).

So I applaud everyone for their effort because they are so talented, especially the musicians, whose combination of American drums and traditional dholaks made the event so much more enjoyable. In addition, I encourage the Georgian Youth Group to hold more events like Antakshari and to continue winning!