Archived (2014)



With that same Divine Love of Radha Rani for Sri Krishna Chand Bhagwan,RKM is pleased to be associated with the following Acharyas in promoting Satya Sanatan Vedic Dharma in GA:

• Didi Gi Sandra Sarkar
• Sri Dewan Gandharry
• Acharya Arun Gossai
• Pandit Manoj Jadubans
• Pandit Dipak Rambharose

Our Acharyas will be conducting monthly scheduled Satsangs and Pravachans at RKM and in the community at large.

For puja bookings or other consultations with our distinguished Acharyas please call - Bhai Kailash Tandrain - 917-478-6076 or Nalini Danraj 678-332-8108

Please see our events page for Pravachan schedule or send us email requesting updates on the schedule