Archived (2010)


Pandit Chunilall Rocks Atlanta!

The bhajan mala recently held at Radha Krishna Mandir was a success. Pandit Chunilall Narine from Trumirti Bhavan Mandir in New York once again showed his great talent in singing and captivating the hearts of so many. Despite the extreme weather conditions that Georgia had been experiencing, the bhajan mala was planned and carried out on February 6, 2010.

It opened with the children of Radha Krishna Mandir singing bhajans and playing the drums and harmoniums and were accompanied by Bhen Mala, Bhen Meg, Bhai Turner, Bhen Anita, Bhai Danny, and Bhai Vedath. There were a lot less people than usual. However, quantity does not matter; quality does! At the end of the bhajan mala, Pandit Chunilall had raised over $21,000.00. This was indeed a surprise to everyone present. Over $14,000.00 was written off as loans that Radha Krishna Mandir owes.

Amidst the beautiful renditions that Pandit Chunilall sang and excellent tabla by the young and talented Mahendra Persaud from NY, another milestone was set for Radha Krishna Mandir: Bhai Turner proposed that the Mandir stopped having non-vegetarian fundraisers. Pandit Chunilall seconded this proposal, and the members of Radha Krishna Mandir agreed.

It ended with the soul wrenching selection “Laaga Chunari Mein Daag” by Pandit Chunilall.