Chowtal singing 2011


Vasant Navratri 2016

Please join the members of Radha Krishna Mandir for the celebration of Vasant Navratri 2016 with Bramhachari Yogesh from New York.

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Didiji June 6th Jagaran Prachaar


Ramayan Chaupai


Spiritual Leader (Pandit) Needed

Here is your chance to get away from the cold weather if you are a pandit .

Radha Krishna Mandir in Monroe, Georgia is currently in need of a pandit to serve in the community as a spiritual leader.

You can visit our website at and on face book, at mandir radha krishna, radha krishna mandir.

Must be well versed in The Bhagavad Gita and Ramayan!

Camp Registration Form

Please print and filled out the form, then give it to any executive members or drop it off at the Mandir.

Gurukul Camp 2015

A powerful youth camp that aims to develop the spiritual aspects of the individual with the ideologies of Vedanta, the highest of Philosophies. The camp is sure to add to the mental strength peace and quieted of the children while providing an environment that is conducive to learning and fun. 

Monthly Jagaran Prachaar

Monthy Jagaran Prachaar, with Didiji Sandra Sankar, Shri Dewan Gandhary. Musical work shop for children with Reshee Durgaprashad(brother of Purnash(2008 Sa Re Ga Ma contestant) and Pt. Chanderpaul.JSK!

Swami Amarnathanandaji

Swami Amarnathanandaji of Bharat Sevashram Sangha of New Jersey, visit to Radha Krishna Mandir.

Mata Pita Seva 2015

Please join us for celebration at the Mandir

Ramnaumi & Hanuman Jayanti

Please join us for celebration

Pt. Bhiya Gyan Yagna 2015 RKM


Gyan Yagna

Please join Pt. Bhiya, and the members of Radha Krishna Mandir for a 2 night Gyan Yagna.

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Devi Bhagwat Yagna 2014

Please join the members of Radha Krishna Mandir for a 2 night Devi Bhagwat Yagna with Pandit Vyaas Sukul on November 7th/8th and 9th at Radha Krishna Mandir.

Diwali Extravaganza 2014

You are invited to RKM Diwali Extravaganza 2014, an evening of live entertainment for the entire family.

Krishna Janmashtami 2014


Krishna Janmashtami 2014

Please join the members of the RKM for the celebration of Krishna Janmashtami.Please invite your friends and family.


With that same Divine Love of Radha Rani for Sri Krishna Chand Bhagwan,RKM is pleased to be associated with the following Acharyas in promoting Satya Sanatan Vedic Dharma in GA:

• Didi Gi Sandra Sarkar
• Sri Dewan Gandharry
• Acharya Arun Gossai
• Pandit Manoj Jadubans
• Pandit Dipak Rambharose

Our Acharyas will be conducting monthly scheduled Satsangs and Pravachans at RKM and in the community at large.

Holi Celebration 2014

Please join the members of Radha Krishna Mandir for HOLI CELEBRATION. Please come out and enjoy this colorful fun day with the entire family and friends.The public is invited. Lots of vegetarian food, sweets and non- alcoholic beverages will be served for free. No cover charge.. Lenora Park... Sunday 23rd, from 1:00PM - 5:00 PM..Bring your abeer, abrack and powder ... lots of fun...

Chowtal Singing RKM

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RKM Diwali 2013


Luv & Kush singing Ramayan for Lord Rama


Diwali Extravaganza 2013

Please join us for an evening of Classical Music, Dances, Live Acting on stage, Sari Parade, Lots of FOOD and more......



Father's Day Concert 2013

An exciting night filled with live entertainment. Featuring kids of Radha Krishna Mandir.

Holi Celebration 2013

Please join with members or Radha krishna Mandir to celebrate HOLI 2013 at the Mandir.

Pt. Diwan Singh RKM Bhajan Mala 2013


Maha Shivratri


On behalf of Pt. Munna Tiwari and the members of Radha Krishna Mandir, we would like to extend an invitation to you, your family and friends to join us for Maha Shivratri on Saturday March 9th at 6:30 PM. Please bring your prasad and flag if you wish to raise, we will provide dar and bamboo.

God bless.

Bhajan Mala 2013

On behalf of Pt. Munna Tiwari and the members of Radha Krishna Mandir, we would like to extend and invitation to you and your family to join with us for an evening of music and singing. Featuring Bhai Diwan Singh of Florida, originally from Canje, Berbice.
He will be accompanied by the children of RKM and local singers.
Dinner will be served. Support a worthy cause. "No entrance fee" , "No Charge for food" just give a donation of any amount you can afford

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Members of RKM

Diwali Show 2012

RKM Diwali Show 2012, a packed show full of excitement and fun for all. Singing, Dancing, modeling and acting.

RKM Diwali 2012

RKM Kids at the Diwali show 2012

Janam Asthmi Celebration 2012

Please join Pt Munna and the members of Radha Krishna Mandir for the celebration of Janam Asthmi 2012

Bhajan Mala 2012

Please join us for an evening of Bhajans and Classical music.

RKM Kids 2012

RKM Kids performed at the Chhote Bachhe Show 2012.

Chhote Bachhe

An evening of classical music and dances,featuring the kids of Radha Krishna Mandir.

RKM Devi Yajna 2012


RKM Devi Yajna 2012


Meet the Executives of Radha Krishna Mandir

These Executives are doing an incredible job...Please join them and the rest of RKM members for Satsang every Sunday morning...Experience the gift of love as the legendary Pt. Munna recites from the Bhagavad Gita and the Ramayana.The food is always tasty...

3 Night Devi Yajna

Please join Pt Munna, and the members of the RKM.

Holi Celebration 2012

Please join us for this colorful celebration.

Walton Newspaper 2012


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RKM Diwali Extravaganza 2011


RKM Diwali Extravaganza 2011


RKM Diwali Extravaganza 2011


Diwali Extravaganza 2011

You are invited to our 2nd Annual Diwali Celebration.

Bhakti Sangeet

An Evening of Inspirational Devotion with Pandit Deokishore Harnarain
From Canada, originally from Cotton Tree Berbice
Pt. is very versatile in singing and a magnisificent harmonium player. He is an old buddy friend of Pt. Munna Tiwari.

Devi Bhagwat PuranYagna

A great legend from Trinidad & Tobago, Pundit Deodat Vyaas.

Maha Yajna 2011 (Mother's day Celebration)

Mother's Day Celebration 2011

Hindu Heritage Youth Camp 2011

Fun for the kids

Maha Yajna 2011

A Mother's Day Gift for everyone.

Hanuman Jayanti Celebration

Please join Pt Munna Tiwari, and members of the RKM for celebration of Hanuman Jayanti 2011.

Holi Celebration 2011


Holi Celebration 2011


RKM Holi Celebration 2011 (Kids performing Chowtal


RKM Kids Singing Chowtal as elders looking on Burn



Please join the RKM for celebration of Holi 2011.

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Meg RKM 2010 Pt Munna Yajna


Pt Munna Yajna RKM 2010


Pt Munna Yajna RKM 2010



RKM Children at Diwali Celebration 2010


Please join the Radha Krishna Mandir for our annual Diwali show.

Please join the Radha Krishna Mandir for a 3 night Yajna with Pt Munna Tiwari.A well known Pandit thrughout the West Indies, Canada and the United States. He will be supported by talanted singers and musicans from the RKM.

Pt. Munna Tiwari RKM Satsang


Mala Mootor RKM Father's Day 2010


Anil, Christina & Aneesa RKM Father's Day Celebra


Hindu Heritage Camp 2010 at the Radha Krishna Mandir. ( Pd Amit in Center)

Hindu Heritage Youth Camp

A summer camp for the children ages 5 to 18 yrs old. Activities include: music, games, arts & crafts, yoga & meditation,teaching of mantras & bhajans, police dept. fire services etc. etc.

Bus trip To Tennesse Ruby Falls

hey everyone! Radha Krishna Mandir and Cultural Center will be hosting a bus trip to Tennesee to Ruby Falls. The trip will be on May 15th. Tickets for adults will be 35 dollars and kids tickets 20 dollars. If you are interested please leave a message in our inbox.

Pd Chunilal RKM 2010


Mother's Day Mehefil

Please join us for an evening of Classical music and dances, as we showcase local talents from the Radha Krishna Mandir & Cultural Center. We will also have some special guests.

Pd Amit visit to RKM


Pd Amit visit to RKM


Pd Amit Haranah

Once again Radha Krishna Mandir has experienced the bliss-fullness of spirituality. The young, versatile and talented Pt. Amit Haranah of New York transformed the Mandir into an abode of heavenly peace and tranquility. His powerful voice together with his fingers playing the harmonium made the hair on your hands raised upright and every lips were chanting the mantras with him. With a touch of his Berbician accent he amused everyone and at the same time showed his humbleness

Pd.Amit Haranah

Please join members of the RKM for Satsang this coming Sunday morning with Pd. Amit Haranah.

1 Night Ramayan Satsang

Please join us this Saturday Night,for a Ramayan Satsang with Pd. Sahadeo Hariprasad

Hanuman Jayanti w/ Pd Baldath

RKM is celebrating Hanuman Jayanti tonight with Pd. Baldath at 7:30 PM.

Yajna /Pd. Baldath tonight & tomorrow morning

You must come and listen to a great Guru, Pd. Baldath Maharaj, with more than 30YRS of experienced as a Pundit, from Trinidad, Canada, and the USA. He has enlightened the crowd at the RKM for the past 2 nights, with his beautiful and talented voice, as he recited the verses from the Ramayana, and the Sri Ram Charit Manas.

Four Day Ramayan Yajna with Pt. Baldath Maharaj

From Thursday March 25th to Sunday March 28th, come experience a Ramayan Yajna with Pandit Baldath Maharaj.

Thursday: 7:30 PM - 10:30 PM
Friday: 7:30 PM - 10:30 PM
Saturday: 7:30 PM - 11:00 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Nawratri with Pd Sahadeo

Please join with Pd Sahadeo for the conclusion of Nawratri celebration wednesday night at the Mandir.

Pd. Sahadeo Hariprasad

Special thanks to Pd. Sahadeo for stopping by last Sunday. He has visited us in the past, and once again, his words were very inspirational, especially to all the youths at the mandir. His musical talent filled the mandir with such a beautiful aura; we hope that he will return again soon.

Pandit Sahadeo Hariprasad

Pandit Sahadeo Hariprasad will conduct sermon at the Mandir this Sunday.

Phagwah Celebration

Please join us at the Phagwah celebration this Saturday (March 6th) at Uncle Dhanpaul's Farm.

Happy Raksha Bandhan (2008)

Om bhoor bhuwah swah.
Tat savitur varenyam
bhargo devasya dheemahi.
Dhiyo nah pracho-dayaat. - Yajur Veda 36:3

SaPrem Namaste,
Dear all,

On this special I would like to send out special raksha bandhan greetings to all. Let us take this opportunity to reflect on the significance of this festival. As we celebrate and inculcate the values of this festival we are doing our part to keep the threads of our great culture together

Antakshari Win

Hey Everyone!

I would like to congratulate the kids on their win of Antakshari!! I was fortunate enough to visit the recently built Radha Krishna Mandir in Monroe County, and I'm glad that I volunteered as a judge for one of the rounds of the game.

I was amazed to see how many young children participated in the activity. I was also surprised to see many adults participating, as well

Website Development

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Pandit Chunilall Rocks Atlanta!

The bhajan mala recently held at Radha Krishna Mandir was a success. Pandit Chunilall Narine from Trumirti Bhavan Mandir in New York once again showed his great talent in singing and captivating the hearts of so many. Despite the extreme weather conditions that Georgia had been experiencing, the bhajan mala was planned and carried out on February 6, 2010

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Holi Celebration