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Anita Ganesh Namaste, Special thank you to Pandit Chet Surujbally and family for joining with us in celebrating Shri Krishna Janamasthmi last night. JSK!
Anita Ganeh Pandit Vijay Koopchand og Guyana will be visiting Radha Krishna Mandir this Sunday August 7th, 2016 for Pooja and satsang. Please join with us. JSK
Anita Ganesh Congratulations to the recently elected team at Radha Krishna Mandir. President- Bhai Cappel Sookdeo, Vice President- Bhai Vishnu Samlall, Secretary- Behen Anita Ganesh, Assistant Secretary- Behen Eka Tandrian,Treasurer- Behen Nalini Danraj, Asst. Treasurer- Behen Pauline Deodat and PRO- Bhai Kailash Tandrian. JSK!
Anita Ganesh Sorry, to inform you that because of the recent Flood in the mandir, there has been no Sunday morning service for the past two weeks. Service will restart on Sunday January 24th,2016. Please note that Pt. Vyaas Sukul will be at mandir on 1/24/2016 for pooja and satsang. Accompanied by a few others from Vishnu Mandir. Please make a special effort to bring the children out. JSK!
Anita Ganesh Thank you to everyone who came out to support us for our Anuual Diwali Show. Special thanks to Nirvana Music School from FL. Dharmendra and Surendra Ramdehol and the children, also, Vishnu Samlall. Happy Diwali to everyone, light the Divine lamp within us and let it shine with wisdom and knowledge to brighten our lives and those around us. JSK!
Anita Ganesh Happy Mother's Day to all.
Anita Ganesh Many Thanks to everyone who came out for the first Mata Pita Sewa program.We have always been told that Quanty does not matter but Quality does. Even though it was a few, it was successful. Looking forward for the next one, June 6th, 2015. JSK!
Anita Ganesh Ram Ram, We would like to thank Didi Sandra Sankar and Bhai Deewan Gandhari for the last two weekends that they have give to us at Radha Krishna Mandir. It was amazing. Didiji is a powerhouse of knowledge which she so easily transmit to her audience in simple language. Her ability to interpret our scriptures and what our traditions signifies is mind blowing. Thank you both for sharing and hope to keep the relationship with us going. JSK!
Anita Ganesh Radha Krishna Mandir and Culural Center presents GA Hindu Milan Swagatam- two weeks of celebrations- RamNaumi- 3/28/2015 - featuring Didi Sandra Sankar from- Ramayan Mahima USA idition on Utube and Bhai Deewan Gandhari from NEW York they will also be coming for Hanuman Jayanti on 4/4/2015. It will be different than the regular yajna. Involving the children and to maintain a long term relationship with the mandir. We are planning to launch a live program to help the children and adults.JSK!
Anita Ganesh Once again we at Radha Krishna Mandir had the privilege of listening to Pt. Vyaas Sukul last weekend for our Devi Yajna. It was beautiful and very informative. His simple way of explaining makes a difference. I personally has enjoyed every moment of it. Thanks to everyone who came out to support us, it really made a difference. Once again Pt Vyaas teamed up with Gavin Surujbally(on Tabla) of VBM manidr- Thank You!Jsk
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