The Radha Krishna Mandir of Georgia was established in 2007 by a group of dedicated Hindus who migrated from the Caribbean Islands with a vision for the future, working tirelessly with great faith and perseverance for the establishment of the Mandir. The Radha Krishna Mandir is a non-profit (501c) charitable religious organization responsible for the promotion and preservation of Sanatan Dharma and Hindu culture. It facets projects, programs, and activities that help foster academic, moral, and spiritual development among all Hindus.

In January 2007, a few Guyanese Hindus went to Bhai Baggy and Behen Meena Nandalall's basement, and they came up with the idea of forming a new Mandir. Pandit Kawal came up with the name "Radha Krishna Mandir & Cultural Center." The next week, Pandit found a residential house and land with 6.7 acres, zoned for agriculture, for sale.

Gwinnett County said that we had met all the necessary obligations to open the Mandir. Bhai Turner Persaud examined the building; that same evening, we decided to put a contract on it. It was then purchased for our new Mandir. With the community's help, we eliminated a few walls and converted it into a beautiful Mandir.

During the first two years, Bhai Turner Persaud was the President, and Pandit Kawal was the Officiating Pandit. There, we were joined by Pandit Rudy Maharaj, from Trinidad and Tobago, who introduced his friends to the Mandir. We were also joined by Pandit Suresh Persaud, a Guyanese who moved from New Jersey.

We received a license, incorporated it and then received non-profit (C)(3) status. Within the next year, we tried to rezone the land to commercial. Unfortunately, we were declined and had to move on.

The service was then moved to Bhai Turner Persaud's basement, where we kept Satsang every Sunday morning for about a year.

The executives decided that it was time to purchase another commercial building. We looked at several buildings and then decided on our current building at 220 Cherry Hill Road. With some renovations, we converted it into the perfect Mandir. In the January 2009 elections, Shrimati Anita Ganesh became the new President. Currently, we meet there every Sunday morning for Satsang and hope to make this our permanent place for worship. Together, with the Brothers and Sisters from Guyana and Trinidad, our Mandir is running very smoothly, and we will continue to build it for the future generation.